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Game Creator Download Asset for Free

Author: Catsoft Studios

0.6.3 (current)

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Get the Game Creator Tools now while it’s still in Beta at a special launch price and get all future updates for free!

We make the tools. You create the games.

Making games is all about being creative, but it’s frustrating when a technical problem gets in the way while piecing together all your ideas you’ve been thinking and throwing away all your inspiration.

Game Creator aims is to create a solution to this problem so you can focus on what matters: Making games.


It’s an easy to use all-in-one solution for developing games of any kind. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel like synchronizing a cinematic, switching between cameras, making a character follow the player, playing sounds and music or displaying branching dialogues with multiple ramifications. You can do all this without coding a single line!


Everyone with a game idea. Game Creator is extremely easy to learn (see our 15 minute Quickstart playlist).

Game Designers will find a tool that’s both easy to learn and use. Artists will be able to drag and drop their creations and bring them to life in minutes and Advanced Developers will have access to a fully documented Open API to create custom Actions and Conditions.


Game Creator provides flexible components that allow to make games without writing a line of code.

Actions: instructions that do things

Events: call Actions under conditions

Triggers: react to scene inputs

Hotspots: hint interactive objects

Characters: the living part of the games

Cameras: follow the action in a fancy way

The Game Creator tools come with different tutorial scenes which exemplify common situations, such as character interactions, messages, the use of hotspots, create a point & click adventure conversation, etc…

Any kind of game can be created by combining these components. We want to create the best tool possible and we’ll be releasing new features based on your input. If you have any suggestion, drop us an email or open a discussion in our public issue tracker.


With Game Creator you’ll have access to a FREE and ever growing number of modules.

These modules extend Game Creator‘s functionalities, adding new features or complement existing ones. Click on the following link and check these modules!

💡 Have an idea for a module? Let us know sending us an email or drop a line in the forums. We’re constantly looking for new ideas!


• Easily create Actions, Events and Triggers
• Organized and searchable Actions

• Ready to use animated Characters

• Complete camera system

• Load & Save the game with variables

• Detailed documentation & video tutorials
• Extendable through code with built-in tools


WebGL Examples

The Investigation – Technical Demo
Homepage (

Quickstart tutorials



Overwhelmed By your Field of Video Games? The guidelines presented Might help!

Right from institution dorm rooms with the barrier unit, games are usually calling as well as beeping absent all over the place!
Families utilize them for getting wiser, get away from truth of the matter and even increase their capability to a single thing. For more information about delivering your adventure upon within completely new and even improved upon techniques, take a look at using short article.

Suggest to your invited guests to spend time playing youtube videos gaming suits you. Choices point in time with their company, catch up on unwanted instances in addition to carry out the best gaming. That knows, it’s possibly that they want to buy the item for themselves to help you to take up mutually starting from your special residences.

On-line games cost a lot, so rrnstead of acquire one you are doubtful if you’ll for example, rental individuals. A large number of solutions feature online games to rent to have a several amount month for month. By renting this video gaming first, you can search about it to ascertain if you love the idea and the get it in the event you.

If you are a mom or dad, you should not prohibit on-line games completely from your kid’s lifespan. Actually, several matches consist of information and facts that’s training for your personal infant. Rather than informing your child, they are unable to perform on-line games, ask them to carry out educational together with interesting computer games by getting the particular matches in their mind.

Promote ones own good old video gaming things. Rather than informing your current playing games items no longer use be seated all over as well as pull together allergens, easily sell these. Either you can put up for sale these internet based or simply within various performance suppliers. To all fields you could find video game merchants this exchange video games goods.

Not many activities offer the comfort of and create a real-world call for sale in this game its own matters. This is often a disadvantage in full-screen activities. Consult your them absorbing an increased amount of the time and effort than can pay for; standing a clock of your very own all over a person’s screen so as to watch the length of time you’ve been using.

Because of so many alternatives to choose from, it is usually not easy to work out 1 system. It’s important for you to find out what your personal casino wants will be. Subsequent, discover what an attractive of console happen to be. Investigate gambling products on the net. Review articles within the various models can be found. Learn choose to buy your gaming console.

Know very well what microtransactions are actually. Numerous computer games currently make use of all these found in recreation orders pertaining to as well certain or even most of their profits. Sometimes caused by a credit or debit card account, you can easily wind up wasting a bundle quickly recreation regarding multimedia and also premium content and articles not recognize simply how much that you are really paying.

Try and constrict your big online gaming to merely single.

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